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Questions and Answers
Do you do a discount for regular/bulk bookings?
Yes, if you have a loyalty card, your tenth walk is free!
Loyal/regular customers will be issued with a new loyalty card every year.
My dog has some behavioural issues - will you still be able to help?
Most probably- although it really depends on your dog's issue and on your requirements of us. Due to high demand, we are unable to guarantee owners that their dog will be walked seperately at peak times; instead, they will often walk in a small pack. If your dog is antisocial toward other dogs then we will not usually be able to offer a peak-time walk (a walk between the hours of 11am and 2pm). Please do contact us to discuss a personalised care plan for your dog. Also, consider discussing a one-on-one behaviour plan with Emily.
Will my dog really get a whole 60 minutes?
Absolutely! Some dog walkers/carers short change their clients- Dog Days are commited to giving your dog the whole walk...and then some! If we're having fun exploring or socialising, we're not rushing back for the sake of five minutes! Please feel free to ask a neighbour to clock-watch and report back to you; you can rest assured that we are here for your dog, full stop.
Will you contact me to let me know how my dog is?
This is part of our service- how we contact you is up to you and will be discussed during our initial meeting. We can text you once your dog is safely tucked in after a walk, or we can call you or email. You will be offered a doggy diary to leave at your home; your walker will routinely use the diary to let you know about your dog's walk each day. If you are away for longer periods you can check up on your pooch via the 'Dog Blog' page. We do ask that you don't telephone DURING THE WALK, however, as our walkers need to keep control of your dog and attention on the surroundings.
What is your cancellation policy
We understand that plans change and, if you have the option, you will always want to look after your dog yourself! We ask that you please give us a MINIMUM of 12 hours notice when cancelling a walk, and a MINIMUM of 24 hours notice when cancelling an 8, 24 hour or holiday visit. Any later cancellation will result in your 'free walk' being revoked (in the case of a dog walk) and a minimum charge of one day fee (in the case of a dog sit).
What happens if there's an accident or an emergency?
Dog Days treat your dog's safety with the utmost importance and have been trained to keep aware of the surroundings when walking in order to intercept any potentially dangerous situation before it arises. However, should there be an incident involving your pet (this could range from a bee sting, a splinter, a sprain, a fight to a traffic accident) be aware that Dog Days will act quickly, calmly and responsibly. Emily is a trained nurse with over 10 years experience, so little phases her! We will have your vet details in your customer contract, but in an emergency, we may have to use the closest vet to our walk. You will be informed as soon as possible, but understandably, the carer's priority must be getting your pooch medical attention.
Although we have public liability insurance up to £5000000, in cases of non-negligent accidental injury YOU as the customer will be liable for any veterinary expenses incurred to your pet. Dogs are not accepted by Dog Days unless they are fully insured.  
My dog is elderly and can not walk far, but I still want her to go out every day. Can you help?
Dog Days don't discriminate against older dogs! In fact, we have a Pet Pram * especially for our veteran clients. This way your dog can be wheeled in absolute luxury to their walk, getting in and out when it pleases them and not being forced to walk beyond their comfort. We can also supply the pram for new puppies and poorly pooches so that they can come along and get some fresh air.
*there is a weight-limit of 12 kg
Are you insured to walk dogs professionally?
Yes. Dog Days is insured to professionally walk and care for all pets. We are insured with specialist Animal Trade Insurers. Our insurance covers public liability; day care, custody and control of your pet; loss of keys and boarding.
Do you only accept well-trained dogs?
No. In fact, one of the reasons people choose Dog Days is that our walkers can help with training. Whether your new puppy needs to get used to walking on the lead and learn basic commands and recall, or your older dog needs the mental stimulation that short bursts of training provides, Dog Days can offer suggestions or are happy to work to your existing methods. Dog Days always practice POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT methods.
What if my dog isn't housetrained?
When a Dog Days walker delivers your dog back to his/her home, they will always check to see if there have been any 'accidents'. If there have, these will be cleaned up without a trace and your dog will be toileted and then settled before we leave. You will be informed - just as a matter of courtesy (and especially if we've used any cleaning products belonging to you).
Do we need to supply towels/treats?
Let's face it- we live on a soggy island and the parks are muddy for at least half of the year! While we endeavour to carry towels in our vehicles, if the weather is bad, a towel by the front door would certainly help us dry off your pooch before he gets a chance to soak the house. We supply our own poo bags and puppy milk biscuits for the walk. If your dog has any allergies/intolerances then you will have a chance to inform us on the detailed 'dog information sheet' - please also feel free to leave any special treats or toys that you would like your walker to use.
What happens if the weather is terrible on the day of a walk?
If your dog is happy to walk in the rain or snow then we will take him/her! Unless the conditions become hazardous to our/your dog's wellbeing, the walk will go ahead as planned. Some dogs don't enjoy walking in hot or wet conditions and this is fine too! A dog wont be forced to walk, but a good effort will be made to persuade him or her before returning home! Your pooch will still get the time you have requested spent with him/her - but this might be spent playing indoors, doing some training to stimulate the mind or just having some human company.Every attempt will be made to reach your home, but if snow/ice prevents travel then you will be informed with as much notice as possible. The chances are YOU wont have been able to leave home either!
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